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General Application

General Preparation: Surface to be painted should be clean and dry - free of grease, oil, dirt, silicone, wax, fingerprints, loose paint and any other contaminates to ensure proper adhesion and coating performance properties. Bare or previously painted metal should be primed with an appropriate primer. Mask off floor and other surfaces to protect from possible overspray. Make sure to read all applicable warnings and wear personal protective equipment.

Spray Paint Application: Shake approximately one minute after you hear the metal ball start to rattle. During application shake can 10 seconds every 1-2 minutes intervals. Press the valve all the way down. Do not extend finger beyond the valve. Hold spray can 6-8 inches from the surface to be painted. Paint evenly moving back and forth releasing the valve after each stroke. Overlap each stroke by 50%. Apply 2 medium coats instead of one heavy coats.

Dry Times: (at 77°F)  
To touch: 15-30 minutes
To handle in 30-60
Tack Free: 2-3 hours
Recoat times: Before 3 hours or after48 hours
Force dry: 20 minutes at 140-160°F

Clean Up: After painting hold the can upside down and spray until the valve clears (about 4 seconds). If spray button becomes clogged, replace it or pull it off and clean with paint thinner, Do Not Stick Pins or wire into the can opening.

Troubleshooting:   Loss of gloss. Avoid painting in high humidity weather or a rainy day.
Paint will not spray: Hold can upside down to clear the valve after painting. Replace the tip pointing the orifice away from you and your face. Cold weather can affect the propellant temporarily.

Warning: Read all directions on can and warnings. Please wear gloves, eye goggles, a breathing apparatus or other personal protection equipment required by law and for your own safety. Contents are extremely flammable, under pressure, vapors and mist may be harmful if inhaled, use in well ventilated areas, contents are harmful or fatal if swallowed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentratiung and in inhaling contents is harmful and or fatal. Kepp out of the reach of children.


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