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Massey-Ferguson / Massey Harris

These colors are matched to the original Manufacturer's Color Codes. All aerosol spray paint orders are mixed on a per order basis. It takes approximately 2-3 days to mix and fill most spray can orders.

Price: $19.99 per 12oz aerosol spray can


Aprox. Color Color Name Massey-Ferguson / Massey Harris Color Code Our Sales Color Number
Ford / Massey Gray1011-A94937
Ferguson Gray3041994936
Flint GrayM102694940
Flint Gray Met. (metallic color)M102594939
Red 1956-1971M101794941
Yellow StrawM102094946
Dark Safety Yellow34748
Apache Yellow94944

DISCLAIMER: Although our paint is comparable in color match and paint quality, it is not the genuine brand name Massey-Ferguson / Massey Harris. Our spray paint is not a generic with company trademarks but a product manufactured specifically to match your original equipment. Industrialtouchup.com and Microfinish LLC is in no way affiliated with, representing, associated, or sponsored by Massey-Ferguson / Massey Harris.

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