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Oliver White

These colors are matched to the original Manufacturer's Color Codes. All aerosol spray paint orders are mixed on a per order basis. It takes approximately 2-3 days to mix and fill most spray can orders.

Price: $19.99 per 12oz aerosol spray can


Aprox. Color Color Name Oliver White Color Code Our Sales Color Number
Boss White94954
Argent Silver Met. (metallic color)94953
Charcoal Gray Met. (metallic color)94952
Clover White5069694958
Dark Green94955
Industrial Yellow94961

DISCLAIMER: Although our paint is comparable in color match and paint quality, it is not the genuine brand name Oliver White. Our spray paint is not a generic with company trademarks but a product manufactured specifically to match your original equipment. Industrialtouchup.com and Microfinish LLC is in no way affiliated with, representing, associated, or sponsored by Oliver White.

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